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Support and Services

Several companies offer various types of support (bug-fix and maintenance, consultative support, 24/7 or business hours support, etc...) or consulting services for Drizzle.

For a predictable monthly fee, the Blue Gecko team proactively monitors, administers, and tunes Oracle and MySQL Server database environments, either on our own Database Hosting Services platform, or at our Client's site with Remote DBA Services.

Data Differential

Data Differential was formed by Brian Aker to support and provide open source solutions for data computing. We take on work for engineering, support, and services around open source projects that we contribute to.

We support Drizzle as a first-class member of the MySQL family of databases, beginning with the Drizzle 7 generally available release in March 2011.

SkySQL Ab is the alternative source for software, services and support for the MySQL® database and related technologies.

Note: While anyone is free - and even encouraged - to offer services for Drizzle, we limited the above list to such companies who also employ active Drizzle contributors. If you are one of them, you already know who you should contact to get listed.