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About the Drizzle Project


o A database optimized for Cloud infrastructure and Web applications
o Design for massive concurrency on modern multi-cpu architecture
o Optimize memory for increased performance and parallelism
o Open source, open community, open design


o Re-designed modular architecture providing plugins with defined APIs
o Simple design for ease of use and administration
o Reliable, ACID transactional

To learn more about the Drizzle project, you can read Brian Aker's reflections of the 3 years leading into the Drizzle 7 release.

The Drizzle Documentation is a good read too, and has sections such as A Brief History of Drizzle and Notable MySQL Differences.


If you want to support Drizzle financially, you can donate money to the Drizzle project here. Donations are paid to our umbrella non-profit corporation Sofware in the Public Interest and are tax-deductible in the US (and of course can be accounted as expenses for businesses globally). See the SPI website for alternatives to using a credit card.

Donations made via the SPI bank account will be properly accounted for by the SPI treasurer. Please read above links on how to "earmark" your donation for Drizzle. Available funds will be used by the Drizzle project primarily for expenses such as legal or IT infrastructure and secondary for arranging developer meetings and if possible sponsoring attendance at conferences. Note that if you want to sponsor development of Drizzle, such as a particular feature, and you have a large enough budget to be usable for that purpose, we recommend you rather contract such development directly via one of the commercial service providers that employ Drizzle developers.